Vendor & Partner Preparation

Everyone who is part of your mortgage process needs to be able to fit into and support your digital mortgage strategy. To succeed at a digital mortgage adoption effort, all trading partners and vendors must be prepared. We can develop training, onboarding support and trading partner acceptance programs that will give you the confidence that your vendors and trading partners are well prepared to accept and help accelerate your digital mortgage strategy.

Digital Mortgage Readiness

We offer a turn-key Digital Mortgage Readiness Assessment that evaluates the following 5 key components:

  • Trading Partner: The readiness of your trading partners to support your digital mortgage initiatives, (e.g., originators, warehouse lenders, investors).
  • Regulatory: Regulatory and jurisdictional requirements (e.g., In-person electronic notarization (Ipen), remote online notarization (Ron), eRecording)
  • Technology: Your current technology landscape (e.g., SMART Doc® eNote Generation, digital closing room, eVault).
  • Operational: Your existing operations, workflows, policies and procedures.
  • Vendor: The readiness of your vendors to support your digital mortgage initiatives (e.g., subservicers, underwriters, custodians).


Shorten the entire loan lifecycle

Decrease warehouse turn times

Automate manual validations

Eliminate paper note shipments

Optimize capital resources


Attain more efficient closings

Increase transparency in closing process

Reduce risk of post-closing errors


Eliminate missing/incorrect signatures

​Identify fraud and double pledging

Improve data quality and validation​

Reduce repurchase risk​

Eliminate risk of lost notes​

Improve control of collateral

Digital Mortgage Advisory Services

  • eStrategy Development
  • Digital Mortgage Closing Roadmaps
  • Process Reengineering
  • Change Management
  • Digital Mortgage Education/Staff Training
  • Digital Mortgage Regulatory Compliance
  • Technology Needs Assessments
  • Vendor Selection & Management
  • eVault Implementation Support
  • MERS® eRegistry Integration Support
  • MERS® eRegistry Quality Assurance
  • Trading Partner Training/Onboarding
  • Digital Mortgage Product Support

Who We Serve

If your company plays any role in the mortgage ecosystem, we can help you prepare for and succeed in the new digital mortgage market. Below are some examples of our digital mortgage clients.


At Falcon, we work with our lender clients seeking to successfully launch their eClosing initiatives. We review the current state of each lender’s business and operations to assess its eClosing readiness and develop a roadmap for transformation. Our team of experts then work alongside the lender to execute end-to-end business reengineering of its processes to ensure successful adoption, which includes selecting optimal vendors, updating business collateral, training staff, completing integrations and investor approvals, and incorporating lessons learned from its first eClosings. As a result, our lenders are armed with eClosing programs developed for immediate implementation and scalability.

Ginnie Mae

The Falcon team supported Ginnie Mae with the development and successful launch of its Digital Collateral Program, which removed one of the biggest barriers to widespread eMortgage adoption. We leveraged our home loan and eMortgage expertise to redesign Ginnie Mae’s delivery management processes and analyze their governance documentation to incorporate the securitization of eNotes. As Ginnie Mae grows this program, we continue to provide support through policy formulation, procedures/controls development and execution, automation of manual processes, and responding to industry changes as they arise.


Falcon works with MISMO to develop standardized review processes and certify eMortgage technology solution (e.g., remote online notarization) providers. This MISMO certification program provides a single set of requirements and a uniform and transparent review process that can be relied upon by investors, title companies, secretaries of state, and other mortgage industry participants, relieving them of the burden of maintaining their own review and approval processes and fostering interoperability among technology solutions. For providers, it reduces the number of different requirements and reviews they may otherwise be subject to and facilitates the early identification and remediation of potential issues. More information on MISMO’s certification programs can be found at

Technology Solution Providers (TSPs)

Falcon works with TSP clients to provide strategic advice and aid them with the development of their various product offerings, such as eClosing systems, remote online notarization (RON) platforms, and eVaults. Our team of experts has unique experience with applicable industry requirements and best practices and leverages this experience to help TSPs ensure their solutions meet industry and client needs. We also work hand-in-hand with our TSP clients to provide enhanced, customer-specific implementation of their product, streamlining implementation while reducing the burden on the TSP’s implementation staff.

MERS® Members

Falcon is a designated MERS® Quality Assurance Vendor. Our team has unmatched experience with all aspects of MERS, including the MERS® System, MERS® eRegistry, and MERS as mortgagee. As a third-party reviewer of a client’s MERS® Annual Report, we provide a thorough review of its processes to confirm they adhere to MERS® quality assurance requirements. We also work with clients on the development of policies, procedures, and controls, support the remediation of MERS® compliance violations, and assist with MERS document and data requirements.

who we serve