David Kirk

David Kirk, CFA, is a Managing Director at Falcon Capital Advisors and has extensive primary and secondary mortgage market experience in capital markets, transaction analysis, risk management, and data analytics.  He has been with Falcon since 2020 and has become an exceptional contributor to the firm’s clients given his extensive experience in mortgage finance.  He has become a key contributor to Falcon’s data analytics platform.

Mr. Kirk came to Falcon from Freddie Mac where he spent over 30 years of his career in multiple roles.  One of his core responsibilities was to determine breakeven credit pricing on single-family residential mortgages.  Pricing covered prospective mortgage losses, securitization costs, and targeted return on capital.  He managed multiple capital market credit risk securitizations with Freddie Mac’s seller/servicer customers.  Mr. Kirk developed a solid background in mortgage analytics where he spent his career leveraging credit models (i.e. default, prepay and capital), assessing GSE regulatory capital rules, agency credit guidelines, and securitization costs.  He has extensive experience analyzing residential mortgage market demographics, prepayments, and credit performance.  Mr. Kirk is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and earned his Bachelor’s Degree from George Mason University in Business/Commerce.